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Thread: Baby refusing to nurse

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    Default Baby refusing to nurse

    My daughter is 4.5 months old. I went back to work when she was 8 weeks. She has been refusing to nurse during the day for at least the past 6 weeks. She nurses in the night but not much as she is growing older.

    Has anyone had this experience?

    I am quite stressed these days with work and having to deal with my mother-in-law (not easy) who will be staying for the next 60 days . Wonder if this has anygthing to do with it...

    Also, she does not want to be in my lap or be held in cradle position. She does not make eye contact with me either. She is ver close to my mother-in-law. This coupled with the fact that my milk supply is dwindling has badly effected my morale and I am quite depressed.

    Any advice and tips are appreciated.

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    Default Re: Baby refusing to nurse

    Hi Sagarika,

    Great job on the 4.5 months so far!! Sounds like this is latest phase is rough on you though. Plus the stress of your MIL!! I know it's hard - mine are only 5 houses down but at least they have their own place at night. It's got to be tough for you because now you have to do a lot of extra work...

    How many wet diapers is baby having each day?

    This may just be a phase and you will work it out together - remember babies can sense your stress so try to relax and think happy thoughts when you can.

    I thought of a few links that may help you out - check them out. Actually the whole kellymom site is very helpful if you have not seen it yet.




    Keep us posted.

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