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Thread: 18 months - need help, don't want to stop

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    Default 18 months - need help, don't want to stop

    Hi! If anyone can please help us, I'd be so grateful.
    My LO is 18 mo now... And she definitely doesn't want to stop bf.

    But I work during the day, and can only pump 1x for 20-30 min. When I come home, I nurse on demand until she goes to bed. I pump once more after she falls asleep. Then we cosleep--she used to nurse through the night. Lately, she's been staying sound asleep--I don't even switch sides like I used to because I don't wake up.

    My supply has taken a big hit. I used to make 4-6 oz in a pumping session. Last couple days I've been making 1-3 oz. I'm back on fenugreek... But I hate the idea of waking her up in the middle of the night--or getting up to pump like I used to.

    How much milk does a toddler need? I searched for posts & found one that said 3 servings of 1/2 cup. If a toddler is still on bm bottles, how much should they have? I'm worried that she might not be getting enough. (Usually she has 4-9 oz of bottles during the day, plus fresh stuff at night.)

    Sorry this was so long... TIA!
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    Default Re: 18 months - need help, don't want to stop

    My DS is 20 months. I also work and express just once a day at work. He gets around 8 - 10 oz in a bottle while I am at work, we nurse to sleep in the evenings, and then when he wants through the night and when he wakes. I do hand express after I put him to sleep at night. As long as your LO is getting other liquids during the day as well as MM he will be just fine. Also not sure how much you need to give him, but my LO has been healthy happy and having diluted juice and water as well as his MM. Hang in there mamma, try not to stress too much as this will also affect your milk production. Drink plenty of water to help boost production. HTH

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    Default Re: 18 months - need help, don't want to stop

    Hi VAmom,
    Way to go for continuing nursing into the second year while working!
    You are hoping to find ways to increase what you are pumping during the day and make sure there is enough milk for her to continue breastfeeding. Maybe this article from kellymom.com (non-LLL source) will help with your concerns about how much she is getting?

    How about your cycle? Sometimes women will experience a dip in their supply about the time of the onset of menstruation.
    "As baby gets older, is nursing less, and eating a variety of other foods (any time the amount your baby's sucking at the breast is reduced), you should be aware that your hormone level could be affected and your menstrual cycle may resume. Breastfeeding can and should continue when menstruation resumes. Mothers sometimes notice that their babies become fussy at the start of menstruation, perhaps because many mothers have a slight, temporary drop in milk supply at the start of their period. After a few days of increased nursing, the supply will return. Some women experience moodiness and irritability. It is common for cycles to be irregular for the first few months." (from a New Beginnings Breastfeeding and Fertility article)

    Would it be possible to add in a pumping session in the morning before work? Many women find the morning is when they feel like they produce the most milk. It could be that this is a temporary dip and if you can gather a few ounces here and there it might take the pressure off getting a certain amount of milk during your work pumping session. Another idea would be try to pump off of one side while she is nursing the other during the afternoon/evening. It must feel good to be getting more sleep at night.

    Does she seem satisfied when nursing directly? It might be that as she gets older she will be OK with getting less milk while you are gone but you can continue to nurse while at home. There are a couple of articles here that talk about "hanging up the horns" or weaning from the pump. And I know there are several mothers here online who have experienced pump weaning at different ages and stages. You might think about asking in the Working and Breastfeeding forum about that if you are interested in exploring that idea.

    I hope this helps!

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    Default Re: 18 months - need help, don't want to stop

    my daughter is 18 mos as well. I stopped pumping at work when my daughter was about a year old but it did not affect my supply while I am with her. We still nurse on demand when I'm with her, but when I'm not there she just eats solids and occasionally drinks cow's milk. She nurses frequently in the evenings and at least once at night, and once in the morning. Other than that I just try to make sure she eats solid foods rich in calcium.

    Let me know if this is something you are interested in or if you have any questions from someone who's btdt!
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