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Thread: complex situation, need help

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    Default complex situation, need help

    Hi all!

    LO is 6 1/2 months and WILL NOT take milk or formula when she isn't with me. (She took a bottle fine until 3mos, then I didn't have to leave her with a sitter for a two week stretch and she wasn't getting bottles at all during that time, after than she never took it again)

    She drinks watered down Juice out of a bottle/cup/sippy/straw JUST FINE and is a hearty eater of anything under the sun (fruits, veggies, cheeses, whole grains, and lean meats, etc...)

    I pump at work but I kind of feel like "whats the point" because I often end up throwing out the milk anyhow. (To add another issue to the mix, I have excess Lipase so my milk spoils quickly and can't be frozen without scalding, but then its grainy.)

    To get to the point, I'm kind of interested in weaning but I am worried about my LO's nutrition. If she won't take formula or Milk, won't she be malnourished? (I'll closely monitor for dehydration but as mentioned, she does take water and watered down juice.)

    What will be lacking form her diet without BM/Formula?
    Is there any way I can make up for it?
    Can I mix formula powder in with her foods? (she hates cereals)

    If weaning is something that I can do now, how do I do it if I am unable to do the whole "replace a BFding with a bottle feeding one at a time" process because she won't take a bottle?

    Do you guys think I can be super proactive in offering foods/water and cuddles and then maybe she'll just forget that she wants to breast feed?

    Help help help!

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    Default Re: complex situation, need help

    Will she take BM out of a cup? the method of deliverey really doesn't matter as long as they are getting the milk.
    Why are you wanting to wean so early? If you are talking about leaving her occasionally with a sitter she can probably handle a little longer space betw. nursings.
    Also, I have heard of working moms who where BF and there kids wouldn't take bottles or cups that basically, the baby nursed every 2 hours at night(while co-sleeping) to make up for not nursing during the day.
    You could maybe try a different type of formula and/or nipple if you are desperate.
    breastmilk or formula is the primary source of an infants nutrition untill they are at least 1, so I would be concerned about weaning entirely at this age unless you can get LO to take formula.
    If you are serious about trying to wean now and you still can't get her to take another kind of milk, you should probably talk to her dr.
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    Default Re: complex situation, need help

    At 6/12 months she is probably ready for a sippy cup. My daughter never took a bottle but was happy with the sippy cup right away. Of course we had to try a few different ones (in the end she liked these 4oz. tiny "wash or toss" ones).

    I also found that she wasn't so fond of cow's milk once I tried her on that (I waited until 12 months though because I am lactose intolerant and figured she would be too). I found that warming the milk up a bit made a difference. I guess there is a big temperature difference between BM and cow's milk from the fridge.

    I agree that at this age, BM is still a major part of babies' nutrition (my daughter is 18 months and still relying on a lot of BM instead of cow's milk) but I understand your frustration too because pumping didn't work out well for me either. Ultimately you will know the right choice to make, but don't forget all the other benefits of extended breastfeeding as well (emotional needs, immunity boost, instant calming of tantrums).

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: complex situation, need help

    My lo was not interested in bottles at all either.
    Perhaps trying different types of formulas.
    Here (in Sweden) babies are fed porridge as one of their first foods as well as a sort of formula/liquid cereal. My lo wasn't having either. Turns out she is gluten intolerant and all of those things are wheat based! Maybe we would have had better luck with rice based...
    I was even told by a nurse to add sugar to the cereal to get her to like it and then eliminate it later (didn't work and I felt HORRIBLE trying that, my girl is smart!).

    If you're ok with continuing to bf, maybe wait until closer to a year to try to wean to eliminate the need for formula!

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    Default What about chocolate BM???

    She can drink out of a regular cup or a straw without wasting a drop...of anything BUT BM/Formula. She will not take either, no matter the delivery (except directly from the breast, of course)

    While I am at work (9hrs) she only drinks a maximum of 3oz of watered down juice and she doesn't seem ravenous the rest of the time that I am home, nor does she wake up anymore than usual (1, 2 times tops) to feed.

    She seems to still be thriving in the current situation, but I can't see how I would be able to wean without getting her to take formula. Can I sprinkle formula in her foods and get her to take in the nutrition that way then let her drink water for hydration?

    What about Pediasure? Or what if I added a tiny drop of chocolate to my BM to see if I can get her to drink it (then gradually decrease the amount until she is taking it without the choc)

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    Default Re: complex situation, need help

    My son has always refused to drink BM from a bottle or a cup. Then I mixed my expressed BM with some cereal and spoon-fed it to him. He took it just fine. Also mixing the EBM with some yogurt and giving it to him with an open cup worked too. BM or formula should be the primary foods until age 1. So I will suggest that you continue BF when you are together and give the EBM to her by mixing it with cereal, or pureed avocados and bananas, or yogurt or other fruit purees when you are not together. BM is so good for them and if you don't have a particular reason to quit BF other than that she doesn't take a bottle my suggestion would be don't. You can find a way to give it to her.
    As for your questions about formula powder, I have never heard of anyone doing that. I have no idea if that is a good alternative or not. Pediasure is not recommended for infants since it has lots of yucky ingredients and does not have the necessary balance of nutrition needed by an infant.

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