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Thread: eye teeth

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    Same here, took dd weeks to finally cut them, but they are still not all the way through. . .we had about a week of relief, back to lots of nursing again. Hoping we can night wean before the 2 year molars start, as she's going to be 2 in 6 weeks! that you'll/we will all get some sleep and our little ones will feel better!
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    OMG did I just get the teether from hell, or what? DD has gotten a tooth anywhere from 2-4 weeks apart (until her molars, which came in a little closer) but since she was 2 1/2 mos., we have only had one 2 week reprieve from teething and she's now 17 mos. And nursing 3-4 times a night has been a good night for a year or so now. 3 eye teeth and her 2 year molars to go!

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    I know, and then you hear about these LO's whose teeth just "appear" with no pain. HM. No fair!

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