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Thread: how can I get my son to nurse longer?

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    Default how can I get my son to nurse longer?

    My LO is 7 1/2 weeks old and sometimes nurses for 30 minutes and other times for 5 minutes... He mostly does the 5 minute thing though and then he'll want to eat 45 minutes later. This is hard with my 23 month old daughter. How can I get him to be interested in more so he can go a little longer in between feeds, Compressions don't alwaysd work as he unlatches and doesn't want back on...

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    Default Re: how can I get my son to nurse longer?

    I tried to think of my son's appetite in a similar manner to my own. Sometimes I would want a full meal, and sometimes I would want just a snack.

    Keep in mind also that those 5 minutes nursing sessions may be just a chance to get close to you. A way of connecting and bonding. Nursing is not all about food and milk intake.

    You could try wearing him in a sling so he gets some close Mama time while you have your hands free to care for your daughter.

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    Default Re: how can I get my son to nurse longer?

    The big problem with this is that you will begin to feel overwhelmed if you are nursing every hour. Babies should not be hungry every single hour of the day. Even during a growth spurt, most babies can go 2 or more hours and be just fine. For the first feeding, I would try to hold him off 'til you KNOW he's pretty hungry. Then see how he does. Another idea is to feed on the same side for 3 hours and then switch to the other side. The average space between feedings is 3 hours. (2 1/2 - 3 1/2), obviously watching your baby's hunger cues as well. If you feed more often than this, baby may not be getting enough hindmilk and WILL NOT be satisfied until the next feeding. HTH.

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    Default Re: how can I get my son to nurse longer?

    My daughter is an ad-lib feeder. I know it is said they should not have to nurse hourly but she does during a growth spurt. She spends less time eating but nurses more frequently. When I see this coming, I use the sling more often so she can snack but I push for a longer feeding so she gets fore and hind. As for a normal week, I was able to get a schedule down by tickling her feet when she slept or burping and switching breasts. Mine tends to get bored and look around the room. This way allows me to actually do other things during the day than sit and nurse and she is never deprived of nursing or comforting. Good luck, let us know what worked for you!
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    Default Re: how can I get my son to nurse longer?

    my twins (7 weeks) show the same behaviour, that is why I felt I had to take them off the breast and feed the breastmilk with a bottle, because they stay on that much longer and finish a whole 4 oz bottle. I hate it though, so much work with expressing and storing and heating, especially at night.. if I just nurse them they get hungry again so fast, probably because they never make it to the hindmilk.

    Feeding them every hour doesn't seem right to me and is just not realitic with twins, especially since we don't have that tandem-feeding down. I tried holding them off as much as possible, but then they just fuss and cry more, swallow a lot of air and have hell of a time with burping, spit up and gas ... If i try to push them to stay on longer they just get frantic and cry like crazy ...

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