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Thread: definition of extended BF

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    Quote Originally Posted by JilliesMom
    People are so uninformed!!! I actually had one of my asst. principals (I'm a teacher) tell me, you know after a year it's for YOU not for her. WTH?! Still don't get exactly what that's supposed to mean....

    ????? I have heard the same thing though! I am BFing a 26 month old. So EBF to me is past 2. But to the rest of the world as has been said before I would say its over 1 year.

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    People are so uninformed about bf in this country. That's sad that 8 months is considered extended nursing. I got the same junk when Brett was an infant. People eventually just stopped asking sometime around the time he turned 2. He's still nursing now and he just turned 3.

    For me the definition has changed. I used to think past 1 was en but even at 2 I couldn't imagine him weaning. Now I can sort of see it but I think we're still a long way off.

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