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Thread: Milk Intolerance?

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    Just when I was getting used to breast feeding and my fussy little one, the doctor suggested that she may be cow's milk intolerant. I am a lover of dairy food and I tried one day without it - it did seem to make her less fussy. Yesterday and today I have reintroduced dairy in order to log the amount of crying and pain and sure enough she has already cried more in a few hours than she did the whole day I was without the dairy. I am going to try the no dairy for three days tomorrow like the doctor suggested. Has anyone else had this problem? What were your LO's symptoms? I don't think I will be able to give up dairy realistically but I don't want to switch to formula. Any advice? Her only symptom is fussiness and what I think is abdominal cramps.

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    Hi there!
    Just so you know, there is an Allergies forum where you can also ask for advice. There are A LOT of women who have BTDT and are willing to share advice!

    I feel your pain. We decided to experiment with avoiding dairy because my LO was having a variety of symptoms that sounded like a dairy sensitivity. Now in all actuality, although you might see some improvement in a matter of days, it truly takes about 2-3 weeks for the dairy to be out of your system. It took about 2 weeks for some of my LO's symptoms to resolve, and then I made the mistake of eating some butter, and they all came right back. So I am back on a dairy-free diet, because it is worth it to have her less fussy and sleeping better at night!

    Someone asked me at a recent LLL meeting how I can handle not eating ice cream, cheese, etc. I told her that after all the obstacles I overcame in the early weeks of breastfeeding (and there were A LOT), there was no way I was going to give up just because I couldn't eat some foods.

    It's not easy! Dairy is in most processed foods. See the stickie at the top of the Allergies forum for the hidden sources of dairy. We shop at Whole Foods now because they have a lot of convenience foods that are vegan, so dairy-free.

    Also, if it's a true intolerance or allergy, additional symptoms may be coming down the pipeline for your LO... mine has the following when I eat dairy: fussiness, sleeplessness, diarrhea, facial and bum rash, what appears to be abdominal cramping. She also had traces of blood in her stool once. This was after about 15 weeks of breastfeeding - it can take a while to show up!

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