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Thread: clogged ducts?

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    hello. i am having hardness on both breasts on the outside towards my arms. the one breast has been bothering me for 2 weeks now and the other one is now hurting too! i have oversupply and am thinking it is clogged milk ducts? hard, painful, hot...it does help to pump but the pain doesnt fully go away. what can i do for this? i have been taking hot showers, pumping, massaging....should i call my dr? is it my obgyn that i would even call??? thanks.

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    i had clogged ducts 3 times and there was inflamation. at first i thought its oversupply and it would go away if i pump or feed often. but the pain didnt go away. it was hurting especially after feeding and i couldnt even sleep. it alsp spread to my armpits. feeding was painful, too. i went to the breastfeeding doctor i had seen together with my baby and we figured out that my milk ducts are blocked and there was inflamation. i was put on antibiotics and it felt so much better!!!! but the inflamation kept coming back when the anitbiotics treatment completed for the 1st 2 times. the 3rd time, i was put on a bit longer term of antibiotics of lower dosage. i have been feeling ok for 2 weeks now. The sympyoms were nipple hurting when feeding or pumping. and you feel big lumps in your breast. and your breast hurts especially "after" feeding and not "before" feeding

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    i had a clogged duct once. just keep massaging, use heat, and i was told to try to position the baby's chin in the direction of the lump. you may want to call and get an antibiotic. and yes, you call your obgyn. that's what i did even though i never ended up needing the antibiotic. the clog released on it's own.

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