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Thread: Very long feedings - normal?

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    Default Very long feedings - normal?

    My 8 week old had two VERY LONG feeds today - 40 to 50 minutes each. One was in the early afternoon and the other was most likely the last of the evening at 7PM. This is really unusual for him. He usually nurses 15 minutes or so on one side and then is finished. He didn't eat any fewer times today etiher.

    Should I be worried? This doesn't sound like a growth spurt, but could it be? He had one at 6 weeks where he ate every 2 horus for 2 days, so this isn't really like that.

    Any ideas? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Very long feedings - normal?

    It's not unusual for the breastfed baby to hang out at the breast for a long time like that, sometimes they change it up on us for no reason at all!

    Different things can cause it, growth spurts, teething, sickness, or just a baby who is bored or needs some quality time with mama in his favorite spot.

    Your doing great!!
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