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Thread: I just dont get it....

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    Hello. My daughter is 2 weeks old. I am breastfeeding and every day seems to bring a different challenge. I have a lot of milk. And by a lot I mean like I can feed her all night long and be so uncomfortable in the morning that i pump out a good 10 oz or so and still have some left in there. That is what I pump just to be comfortable. At first she was nursing well. Alittle lazy at the breast but it she seemed to be gulping away for the time she was on. Now it seems like she only nurses for a few minutes(like 5) and then she pulls off. She either pulls off or falls asleep. I have done what the LC's have suggested and taken her clothes off while nursing, played with her ears, feet, etc...She is pretty lazy on the breast. At first she was eating pretty infrequently but the Lc's said not to worry because she was gaining and pooping and peeing. Now, she is eating for a few minutes, falling asleep or pulling off and then wants to eat again in 10 minutes. This goes on and on. It is frustrating because it doesnt seem like she is taking that much milk from me and each time she pulls off milk squirts everywhere. IT is all over her, me, the furniture....and when she is done eating she seems uncomfortable and cries sometimes. Before pulling off she will seem so frustrated with eating and start tugging on my nipple and grunting like she is angry. Then a few minutes later she wants to eat again and the same pattern goes on and on. I just dont know what to do. I am now giving her a bottle now and then because my husband thinks that my milk is just too fast for her. I have a 15 month old too so it is very hard to pump each time before nursing like the Lc's have suggested. Also, she seems to grunt quite a bit like she is uncomfortable. I just feel like I have so much milk that there is no reason to put her on formula, but I am getting frustrating with the constant feeding which seems like is not satisfying her. If it were satisfying her I wouldnt be so frustrated.Also, my first daughter had a milk allergy so I am not eating much dairy trying to prevent the same situation. And she nursed every 3 hours on the dot and be satisfied until her next feeding. I know I shouldnt compare them but that is all I really have for experience! Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    maybe the flow is too fast for her. When your baby triggers your first letdown, you could try breaking the latch and spraying the fast flowing milk into a burp pad and then re-latching her again.

    Your supply should even out, but I would suggest not pumping, as this is only encouraging more milk production. You could even try feeding from only one breast per feeding. Block Feeding is another option to reduce your oversupply. You can get more info on that here.

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    Here's some info on oversupply you might find helpful. http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/fast-letdown.html

    I'm sure the moms on the too much milk board a bit further down the list could also provide you with some ideas and encouragement.

    Like most things, I'm sure her nursing patterns won't last forever, but in the mean time, you have to find something that will work. Hopefully you can find things on these resources to help.
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