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Thread: breast to bottle ? 9 months ?

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    Default breast to bottle ? 9 months ?

    my 9 month old daugher as only exclusively breastfed for her entire 9 months and I really would like to start weaning only she won't take solids....has anyone else had any luck weaning a baby from breast to bottle at this age ?? or am I crazy to think she might take one ?

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    Default Re: breast to bottle ? 9 months ?

    No advice really.. but its totally normal for your daughter not to be interstested in solids yet. Some babies just aren't.. as far as the bottle goes.. my dd was totally breastfed too and took a bottle of expressed milk up till about 7 months. She is 11 months now and won't take a bottle. Can you hold off on weaning for a few more months... Alot of babies get really interested in solids around 11 months or so. Good luck

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    Default Re: breast to bottle ? 9 months ?

    If she hasn't taken a bottle up to now, she probably won't be interested at this point. If you find this is the case, perhaps try a sippy cup?

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