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    Yeah! My DD 14 months today is no longer eating every 2 hours at night. Yeah cuz I'm expecting baby #2 and really need my sleep. It only took us a week and wasn't hard at all...compared to what I thought. I didn't even follow a plan because I knew I'd forget so i had to just go with my own instincts. the first night was hard ...she was up for two hours...but each night got less and now if she wakes up she just snuggle sover to me and goes back to sleep. It's great! her molars are coming in so I know the past two nights she has woken up because of that. This is the first time she has ever fallen asleep without having the boob...which is hysterical to me because I thought that day would never come. she is ssoo cute cuz in the morning I ask her why i am so proud of ehr and she replies " mimi" which is her way of trying to say milkie and then I say yes I am so proud because you dont drink milkie isn the night time. what a big girl. Its soo funny. I even told her during the day little reminders about not drinking milkie in the night and she totally understands me. lastnight she rolled right over to go to sleep because I think she thought I emant no milk even before bed. It was sooo funny. So i guess it can be done...now i wonder if she'll ever sleep in her crib?? hahahahha

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    i give her the book sometimes at night. its the easiest way for her to settle.

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