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Thread: Do you think I can get her back to the breast?

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    Default Do you think I can get her back to the breast?

    Hi everyone,

    I've posted a few times the past couple of weeks about my lo who has a number of feeding problems. We have a test coming up that I HOPE HOPE HOPE will show that she will has learned how to coordinate breathing and swallowing without aspirating and thus she can go back to the breast. I've been pumping in the eight weeks since we stopped breastfeeding (she was nursed exclusively for the first month, then we went to thickened bm in a bottle -- the thickener helps the aspiration) and I can still get her to latch on, if only for a couple of minutes. I've tried to do this every day, or get her to do some nonnutritive sucking every day if possible. But just as often she will refuse the breast outright. The good thing is that she still has to work pretty hard at the bottle to get the milk out since it's thickened, so she may not have as much "flow" confusion if and when we get back to nursing.

    So I'm trying to take it as a good sign that she will still latch on, if only occasionally, no? I am so hopeful that we can go back to nursing. I'm also trying to do plenty of skin to skin time and let her fall asleep by the breast as often as possible. Any other suggestions? I would love any encouragement that comes to mind! She is just about 3 months old now.

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    Default Re: Do you think I can get her back to the breast?

    Spoon feed the bm with cereal or offer it in a cup. If they want to suck, they get the breast. It will be very difficult to feed like that, but its one way to get them to bf from the tap. Its a good sign that they will latch on some!!!

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    Default Re: Do you think I can get her back to the breast?

    You can do it! It may take some time, patience, and a ton of skin to skin contact--but it's totally possible!


    Please keep us updated!

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