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Thread: Vomiting Happy Baby?

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    Default Vomiting Happy Baby?

    I'll give you the bullet item list of info to make it easy:

    -Woke up this morning, happy
    -Refused to nurse. Strange, he's usually starving by now. (Sleeps thru night)
    -Got him to nurse...a TINY bit
    -Went in his room to find his crib COVERED in vomit. Not spit up, but the remains of his "spaghetti" he had yesterday (lean g. beef, whole wheat pasta, organic tomatoes)
    -He's had this meal before with no issues
    -A few minutes later, he spit up/vomitted the little bit of b/m he got
    -Still happy as a clam, playing, talking...
    -No fever, nothing

    ...So what gives? I'm so confused...

    (Sorry, I accidentally posted in the wrong category, so this post shows up twice!)
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    Default Re: Vomiting Happy Baby?

    Is he teething? My LO does this every once in a while lately and he's getting 4 molars. He did it once when he was getting the top 2 front teeth too.

    Even if he throws it up I'd keep nursing him. Keep the poor guy hydrated and give him lots of
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    Default Re: Vomiting Happy Baby?

    Tomatoes can be pretty acidic, maybe they just didn't sit well in his tummy this time I know when I was pregnant, they gave me really bad acid indigestion and reflux.

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