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Thread: don't know where to post this: breast infection

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    Default don't know where to post this: breast infection

    Don't know if this is where I'm supposed to post this:
    Okay...I've developed a bit of a breast infection in/on my left breast. I'm trying to wean off of bm because of no time at work to be allowed to pump, and right now only mixing the formula with the bm. My LO loves it!! He never learned to latch on correctly. Refused to learn as well.
    (I'm an RN who will be working in two different departments: GI services [scopes down throat and up the back side], and CVOR, where open heart surgeries happen.)
    I know I'm supposed to pump like every two hours in the affected side, but I want to start to stop pumping all together. How do I do this with the infection? What does let down feel to others? I think I really don't feel it. I know I don't have a blocked duct, there is nothing hard in my breast. I pumped this morning for a total of 20 minutes on that side, to make sure it was drained. The milk has no odor but does have an ever so slight greenish tint to it. Is that normal? I'm being put on Keflex 250mg, 4 times a day, for a week.
    I don't really want to do the warm compresses (as that helps promote milk production), how can I get this reversed and still stay on corse for weaning? I was up to pumping twice a day, about 10 minutes.
    What else can I do?

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    Fed by from birth to 3 weeks, then to 7 weeks, milk went away. Now weaned off formula!! On to goat's milk. (sweet like BM, easy to digest!)
    Been back to work since May 27th, 2008I am an RN,work on IV Team.
    Enjoying his little smiles
    So love being a momma!!
    <--Luka John, 9 months old.

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    Default Re: don't know where to post this: breast infection

    you could keep a (crumpled then flattened) green cabbage leaf in your bra on the infected side, it will suck out the infection better than any pharmaceutical.

    i don't know much about the weaning/supply parts of your question though.

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    Default Re: don't know where to post this: breast infection

    Aren't you supposed to have time and a place to pump at work by law? Or does that differ by state?

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    Default Re: don't know where to post this: breast infection

    I would recommend draining until the block is totally cleared. A blocked duct could lead to mastitis (or worse--an abcess!). Keeping the breast drained at least as often as you were before the plug hit is important for healing. Once the issue has passed, you can start weaning down again.

    Warm compresses actually do not promote milk production. Warmth assists let-down and dialates of the blood vessels in the breast. The general recommendation for engorgement of plugged ducts is cold compresses between expressing and warm compresses and massage just before.

    Green is within the range of normal color for breastmilk. See here:

    Here is some helpful information about plugged ducts:

    And some info about weaning:


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