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Thread: he likes rice milk!

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    Red face he likes rice milk!

    hi all,

    mr. baby is now almost 11 months old! he eats 2+ solid meals a day and still nurses a lot, like any chance he gets, sometimes twice in the same hour, never for very long. often i think he gets frustrated because it doesn't seem like i let down as often as he would like.

    i've tried giving him water and juice-water with only moderate success. he just doesn't seem to like them, in a bottle, in a sippy... just a couple slurps and then he'd prefer to have more boob!

    but i know he's thirsty and i want him to stay hydrated, so i tried some rice milk in a bottle the other day (rice dream, vanilla) and he literally GULPED down 4 oz without stopping. when he was done he grinned and wandered off to play for a LONG time by himself, which never happens because he usually wants more boob. (yes, one of his nicknames is STILL boobmonster! *laugh*)

    i read some articles on kellymom that said it's ok to supplement after a year (we'll round up on this one) and i think i'll stay away from giving him a lot of cow (introducing cow-based things already) or soy milk (because of the hormone levels thing).

    any moms out there doing the same thing? i know we have to stay away from nut milks, but we drink hemp milk too. i'd love to hear other experiences....

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    I'm not sure It sounds like it's working for you. You may get more answers if you post this in Starting Solids or Weaning. Really, what you are doing is beginning weaning, so if you are okay with that then I don't see a problem with it. If rice milk is substituting your own milk, though, your LO will not be getting the same kinds of nutrients that he was getting before. Again, though, 11 months is around the time that he will start getting more of his nutrients from food anyway. Hope you get some more answers from someone who knows more than me

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    Rice milk says on the packaging "Not for use as an infant formula. For children under age 5, consult child's doctor." The only reason why I post this is that Rice Milk is missing fats that your baby needs. I would really consult a doctor on this. My son is on it due to allergies but we have to supplement his deit with certain foods because of it and have worked with a nutrionist.
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    hmm... i guess i feel like i'm not using it as much as an infant formula, but more like an add-on, like juice. we're still nursing lots, but sometimes he wants more than my boobs seem to want to give. is that considered weaning?
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