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Thread: Always feeling engorged

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    I have been trying to directly bf my 9 week old son for the past 4 days and is going bit okay. However I still have sore nipples and therefore bf still hurts but not as badly as before. I had been pumping and giving it to him in a bottle during the first 8 weeks owing to his latch problems. I had also been directly bfing him occasionally (2 - 3 sessions a day) to learn him latch on to my breasts. Now my problem is that I am always feeling engorged even after my son is done with his feeding. Nowadays he's feeding every 2 hrs during day time and 3 hrs during night time with morning sessions timing for 20 - 25 mins and night sessions ranging between 50 - 60 mins. No matter what the time of duration is, I am feeling engorged and my breasts are as heavy as rocks. Can anyone please help me? When will my supply regulate?


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    It sounds like you have an oversupply issue. I have oversupply right now as well. You can try block feeding, that's what I'm doing. Block feeding is a way to signal your body to slow down the production of milk. You feed from one breast for a set amount of time (or a set number of feedings) and then switch to the other breast for the same amount of time (or number of feedings).

    Right now, I'm doing 3 feedings on the left, and then 3 feedings on the right. When the breast I'm not feeding on gets too painful, I express just enough to relieve the pressure. How it works? well, since my right breast isn't getting drained for say 6 hours or so, my body realizes that it is producing too much milk in that breast. Then my left breast isn't getting drained for 6 hours which again signals my body. In a couple of days you will notice a difference, and it shouldn't be long before your supply evens out.

    This is my second time doing block feeding which is why I'm going so long between breasts. It's recommended to start with 2 hour blocks or 1-2 feedings per side. Here is some more info on block feeding. Link

    Good Luck!!
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    There could be some different things going on. Some questions might help to clarify. When you were pumping and bottle feeding, were you pumping more than he was eating? Has his diaper output changed since you have been ebfing in the past few days? Are you now feeding on one breast a session or both? If both, when do you switch?
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