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Thread: I think we have weaned

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    Well my beautiful baby girl has been down to one feeding before bed for a couple months now. She is offically 20 months tomorrow and for the past few weeks she has not asked for her bedtime bootie. A small part of me is sad but to be honest I'm glad were done. My goal was 1 year, and once we reached that my goal was 18 months. I would probably do it longer but I'm with #2 and due in early Nov so I would like a break, to be honest I really didn't want to tandem, its just not for me. I won't say no if Claire asks when the next one comes but I will try to offer her some other mommy time instead if I can.

    So thanks to everyone who offered help or encouragement when needed. I never thought I'd make it this far. Most of my friends stopped before or at a year so it was nice to chat with those who went longer. I'll have about a 6 month break and then I'll be at it again... probably for another 18 months since that will be my goal with my second.

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    Yay for Claire! I am sure that you will enjoy this well deserved break before your new bundle arrives.

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    Hugs mama and good job!!!

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