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    My baby was born small & now (8 days old) weighs about his birth weight- 4 lbs, 13 ounces. He was born at 37 weeks but had IUGR (interuteruine growth restriction) He is nursing/trying to nurse about 1-2 times a day. when they weighed him after he nursed, he had taken 1 ounce before being sleepy. Other times he gets too frustrated trying & I have to give him milk that I've pumped. He takes about 2 ounces. When I then pump (every 3 hours as lac, cons. said to do) I am getting 4 ounces on each side- 8 ounces. That is usually in about 4-5 minutes, then I stop "spraying", so I turn the pump off. I have soooo much milk. I Had trouble with this last time. The problem is my baby can nurse when he wants to, but I alway s have a bottle ready just in case. They said not to let him try/cry/to nurse for more than a few min. because he is so small & will burn calories. Here's the problem:
    I have a 19 month old, so I am nursing/feeding with bottle/burping/pumping every 2-3 hours day & night. This takes over an hour to do all of that & then I have only 1 hour to spend with my toddler who is having a hard time sharing me SO much! I feel like this is just so hard & I don't have enough time in the day. I really want to just be nursing & cut back on the pumping day/night. (I skip one pump at night).
    Please help. I go back on Wed. to the Lac. Cons., but just want some other opinions.

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    You must be tired! Sharing time between two babies is rough, and your added concern is probably making it even harder. Having a small baby that needs extra attention can be a frightening experience! When they are early and also very new they can seem very fragile.
    Do you have anyone you can call in for some support? Perhaps play with your toddler so you can focus for a while?

    Tell us more about what you are doing to interest your baby in nursing. How often are you attempting to nurse? What happens when you try and latch? What positions are you using? What sort of feeding method are you using; what type of bottle?

    Ok enough questions. Don't want to over load you!

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    I had an IUGR baby too! Everyone warned me about her burning calories, they were terrified that she wouldn't gain weight. i couldn't get anything at the pump, so i put her to the breast every hour. i had to supplement in the beginning but after a few days i only gave the bottle if she was really fussy. She was sleepy but was a natural at nursing by about two weeks old. I splurged on a baby scale from babies r s, not super accurate but at least it assured me that she was gaining.

    I guess what i'm saying is, he'll get the hang of it! Its a bit harder for the little babies- but i don't think trying the breast more often and eliminating a bottle or two will be too problematic if you keep an eye on his diapers.

    best of luck!!
    new mom to yael justine, born 12/20/07 4lbs 7oz

    cloth diapers all the way!

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