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Thread: Nipple Not Working?

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    Default Nipple Not Working?

    I am nursing my third child who was two weeks old last Thursday. My right breast has given me trouble each time. For whatever reason, it's hard for the baby to get the milk out of my breast. I've tried all breastfeeding positions. It's making nursing very frustrating because I have two other children that need care and it's taking me an hour to feed the baby because I'm trying to make sure my breast gets emptied in order to avoid screwing up my milk supply in that breast. I know there is milk in there because I can express it out. Help!

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    Hi mama,

    Can you tell us a little more about why you feel baby is not getting milk out? What do you mean? Does baby get frustrated on that side? What have you tried so far? Have you given any thought to breast compressions?

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