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Thread: How do you know if there is bottle conflict?

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    Default How do you know if there is bottle conflict?

    LO has been getting bottles now that I have started back to work. Now when she gets fussy at the breast I get worried that she is getting mad that she isn't getting it fast enough. That she likes the bottle better. I don't know, I'm probably being a worry wort.
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    Default Re: How do you know if there is bottle conflict?

    Could you describe when the fussiness occurs? Is it the beginning of feed? Near the end? What does your baby do? Does she actually pull off?

    If you're concerned that the bottle could cause some flow preference, my best suggestion is to use a slow flow nipple (actually check the flow by holding the full nipple upside down--it should drip slowly, not drip drip drip) and PACE the feedings. This link tells how:


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