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Thread: Tight frenulum

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    I'm 95% sure that my 7 wk old has a tight frenulum. He has the classic signs, tongue doesn't go past lower gum, tip is heart shaped, I'm having nipple pain and my nipples are mis-shaped after b/f, etc. My other ds was completely tongue-tied and I had his tongue clipped at 7 days old but it doesn't seem as severe with my yds.

    Is there a way I can work with him to stretch/ loosen it?


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    Our ped said sometimes it will loosen on its own with normal use, but I'm not convinced. We had DS's clipped b/c I was in pain and we had the other issues that go with tongue tie. Don't know if you have seen it, but here's a great resource. http://www.aap.org/breastfeeding/8-27%20newsletter.pdf
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    My neighbor's little boy had a tight frenulum, and she just used a nipple shield. It worked great for them, she never had is fren cut, and she graduated from the NS after a few months! Hang in there, mama!

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    My 4wk old baby is tongue-tied also. I know what you mean about the nipple pain/mishapen nipples after nursing. We have thought about getting it clipped but it isn't severe - he can stick his tongue out past the gum line. He's gaining weight great, and as time has gone on the nipple pain isn't as bad. My LLL leader has said as he grows and his mouth gets bigger he should be able to latch on even better. For now that is what we are hoping for. HTH

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