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Thread: Decrease in milk supply?

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    Unhappy Decrease in milk supply?

    DS is almost 12 weeks old, and I started out with a phenomenal milk supply. I had wonderful LCs in the hospital and at his ped, so we had a wonderful start. In the past week I've felt as though my milk supply has dipped. I rarely (maybe once a day) feel that familiar tingle of my milk filling my breasts these last few days. No change in diet or medicines. Sometimes DS is fussy during the feeding, and I have to keep putting him back on my breast.

    I'm sure I'm rambling, but I'm worried (which I know isn't helping). Everything has gone so well, w/just a few small bumps in the road. I have my heart set on nursing him until he's at least a year, and now I'm worried about what's going on. Any advice would be very much appreciated!

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    12 weeks, eh? I'm pretty sure he's due for another growth spurt, which could be why he's fussing more at the breast. Personally, I also found that I was way more sensitive to what my breasts were doing in the first couple months, then I guess they got more desensitized or something, because often I'll barely even notice let-down happen. Everyone's a little different that way.

    I'd just keep an eye on his wet diapers: is he having six or more good, wet diapers a day? If so, then no worries!
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    Default Re: Decrease in milk supply?

    If your baby is growing well, producing adequate diapers, and seems satisfied after feeding, I don't think you should worry for another moment about your milk supply. It's normal for supply to even out at a certain point, so that your supply more accurately matches your baby's needs, without there being a lot of extra left over. That can really freak a mom out if she's accustomed to that feeling of "fullness," but it's totally normal.

    As the PP mentioned, it's also possible that your baby has hit a growth spurt, and the reason you're feeling more "empty" is that he's feeding really efficiently, and taking everything you're making. Is he by any chance feeding more frequently than usual? That's usually a good clue that your baby is spurting.

    The occasional fussiness you're experiencing could be due to a growth spurt. Alternately, at 3 months of age, your baby could already be feeling the first stirrings of teething, which could also account for the fussiness.

    If you're still convinced your supply has dipped, the best thing you can do is to nurse, nurse, nurse. It's the best way to increase your supply!

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