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Thread: How To Reduce Supply/what Is Block Feeding?

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    Exclamation How To Reduce Supply/what Is Block Feeding?

    I previously only pumped, and started nursing.
    I have way too much milk, and have been mostly pumping after nursing sessions. I have started skipping at least a couple pumpings, so baby can go back on same breast to try and finish (get hindmilk?). Only offering one brst per feeding. I can skip a couple pumpings and not be in pain.

    Will this alone reduce the supply? Should I quit pumping altogether, or just to relieve a little if I am overly full?

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    Default Re: How To Reduce Supply/what Is Block Feeding?

    Hi ,

    Congratuations on getting your baby breastfeeding! Good for you!!

    To reduce your supply, it would be helpful to reduce the amount of time you are spending pumping gradually. You don't want to do this too quickly, or you may develop plugged ducts. You might try eliminating one pumping session every few days or so. Many moms have found that only pumping one breast at a time helps.

    It is hard to tell whether or not this alone will eliminate your oversupply problem. Be sure to watch your baby's diaper output. Besides making sure that baby is getting enough, you will also want to watch for green, foamy, or explosive bms. These can be a sign of overproduction. Keep track of how your breasts feel. If you start to become engorged, you can hand express, just a little, until you are comfortable. Another thing to watch for would be over-active letdown and excessive leaking between feedings. Oversupply can also cause colicky behavior, gassiness, and reflux-type symptoms in baby.

    If, after you have stopped pumping altogether for a few days, you still see signs that you are overproducing, block feeding would be the next step.

    HTH. Keep me posted!


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    Default Re: How To Reduce Supply/what Is Block Feeding?

    don't be afraid to call your local leader too.
    she can help!

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