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Thread: low milk supply - product recommendation

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    Default low milk supply - product recommendation

    Hi - My DS is 4 month old, and I went back to work 4 weeks ago. I breastfeed him 2 times at night, and pump 5 times during the day. The first 3 weeks, I got an average 4oz each time I pump, which I thought is pretty normal. However, this week, I only get 2 - 2.5oz each time I pump (even w/ a 2nd letdown). I spoke to a LC and she told me to buy some products from motherlove.com

    Has anyone bought products from this website? Can you share your experience?

    I am about to give up if my milk supply doesn't go back up.


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    Default Re: low milk supply - product recommendation

    Hello!! congrats on your baby!!

    I never went there, but I too have low milk supply. There is a tea called Mother's Milk, it's organic and caffeine free. It is said to taste a bit like licorice, but I find it more like chi tea (a spice tea, mildly flavored). I put two sugars in it and it's a great drink!! I drink it either cold or hot. I have a tea maker (like a coffee pot maker) and I put it on strong and brew a whole pot. It makes for a whole day's worth of tea. There is an herb in it called "fenugreek" which is the herb that helps lactation. I bought capsules of this from www.drugstore.com I go there all the time.

    I'm no counsler, but this is what my nurses told me at my hospital.

    I also was told by my nurse practitioner, that the prescription Reglan helps with let down as well. Only once a day, 20 mg.


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