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Thread: What else for breakfast?

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    Default What else for breakfast?

    My DD is 8 months and I'm out of ideas, What else can I offer him for breakfast.. He usually takes, pears, prunes apples.sometimes oat cereal with bm. he does not like bananas. I have the same problem with lunch i do not know what else to give him?/

    any ideas will be appreciated...

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    Here is a good resource.

    At 8 months we started cheerios- they are lots of fun and keeps baby entertained for a bit.

    Other breakfast ideas-
    Real oatmeal
    Puffed rice

    Some meats- turkey and chicken
    Beans (mine LOVED limas)
    Sweet potato
    Squash (acorn squash are yummy)

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    Have you tried mixing what he already likes? DS is ok with banana, but likes them much more when they're mixed with apples, or apples and oatmeal.
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    How bout whole milk yogurt, either plain or mixed with baby food. I think DD started having it around 7 months and really liked it.
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    You can give him whatever you are eating for lunch as long as you cook it without salt.

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    I just started plain yogurt with my lo about 2 weeks ago and she is 8.5 mo. I put a little baby food puree fruits and she eats it all up! I think next I am going to try the egg yolk of a hard boiled egg next! I have a chart that says that is a new food to introduce at this age! (if I can find the chart Ill post it!)

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