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    So, my son seems to have a bad habit. At least I don't enjoy it. When I nurse him down for sleep, especially at night, he starts eating, then popping off, then rooting, latching, eating, popping off--over and over. His "eating" only lasts for 4-5 sucks. I can't figure out how to curb this little habit of his. It seems to be a comfort thing. Not very comfortable for mommy. If he does it for more than a few "cycles" I get pretty sore. And I have trouble trying to stop it, because it's usually RIGHT before he gives in to sleep. Last night I just got up and walked out of the room (I told him, "Oh, you must be done."). But then he started fussing, of course, and the whole thing started over.

    I'm not interested in stopping the nursing to sleep necessarily, although once he puts himself to sleep I'll be fine with it (mostly). He doesn't take a paci. We don't cry it out in our house. I tried to break the suction with my finger when he popped off last night, and I keep missing his mouth! He turns his head, taking my nipple with him, then when I'm stretched to the max, he pops off. No wonder I'm sore today.

    Any ideas? thoughts?

    Thanks in advance, ladies.
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    Sorry wish I had great advice for you but my lo still does this. I think it is his way of fighting sleep, as that is the only time that he does it. The soreness will go away, at least my nipples got used to it.

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    It seems to me that babies just have their own nursing "style" and little things that they do at certain times. At least my two sons have been very different nursers. My 4 mo old does the popping off thing too. How old is your l.o.?

    Maybe instead of looking at this as a negative you can learn to cherish it as one of your baby's little nursing quriks. It makes him unique!
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