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Thread: milk supply question!

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    Question milk supply question!

    My son is now 10 mos. and he is happy and healthy! I've been pumping twice @ work and only getting 8-9 oz. as opposed to the 12 oz. I used to get. I've read that this is normal b/c as they start to eat more and more solids then the amount of bs consumed is less and less. He still eats plenty once in the am before I leave for work and twice in the evening when he comes home from daycare and then once before bed............as well as plenty of solids @ least 3 solid meals a day w/ breast milk. I just want to make sure this sounds like a normal bf scenario. My goal was to bf for a year. It is becoming more and more difficult to pump at work b/c it is soooooooo busy! I am adament on not feeding him any formula, some people have told me that I may want to supplement some formula, but I think he is eating plenty. He is nice and plump!

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    I'm pretty sure that so long as he's still making adequate wet diapers (six or more good ones in a day) you're okay!
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