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Thread: No poops for 7 days!

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    Default No poops for 7 days!

    My DS hasn't had a bowel movement for 7 days now! He is very gassy though. When I pull his legs up to his ears he gets very red- almost like he is straining. He has also been waking up every 2 hours at night. He is 3 months old and having PLENTY of wet diapers! What should I do?

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    Default Re: No poops for 7 days!

    It is not unusual for breastfed babies to have infrequent poops. They utilize so much of whats in the breastmilk that there is little left to get rid of! If LO has hard stool when he does go, that may be more of a cause for concern, but if his stool is soft and seems normal, then try not to worry about the amount of time between stools. I'm not sure how long is "too long" though. I know that for my dd, it was not unusual to go 5-10 days between poops when she was that age. It was a rather welcome relief from the multiple poops per day prior to that!
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    I'm not sure how long is too long either (I think it's past 10 or 11 days...please someone correct me if I'm wrong though). But, you may want to call the pedi's office just to see what they say. Usually they are a lot less concerned, but if it seems like he's uncomfortable then it may be worth figuring out. GL!!

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    Dr. Newman mentioned that he's known some babies to go as long as 15days without a poop and not have a problem! Just keep an eye on those wet diapers!
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    Default Re: No poops for 7 days!

    I agree. Your LO is at the right age to start spacing out the poops. Babies' guts mature quite a bit at this point and are able to digest much more of your milk. Is his belly nice and soft? Is he otherwise happy, himself? If so, probably nothing to worry about. Passing gas means that all is working right.

    Don't be surprised if his gas gets pretty stinky, often more stinky as the poop gets closer. And he may have a HUGE poop when he does go. Like a PP said, as long as the poop is soft and the usual color, all is well.

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    Default Re: No poops for 7 days!

    He pooped this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 bdays between poops, but it looks like everything is normal!!!!!!!!!

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    Oh good!

    My second child would routinely go 10-14 days between poops. I loved it. Fewer poopy diapers to deal with

    Unlike a FF baby, BF babies use every bit of nutrition that comes their way, and thus that sometimes means they don't poop often. It freaks us out, because we expect frequent poops, because we are a society that FF babies and frequent poops is the "norm." Thus, when a BF baby doesn't go often, we worry, when it's actually really the norm. Make sense?

    Waking at night every 2 hours is also pretty normal. My eldest woke at least that often at that age and did for a loonnnnnnggggg time. My younger was less wakeful, but he did go through stages.

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