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Thread: New to Breastfeeding/Sore Nipples/Oversupply

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    Question New to Breastfeeding/Sore Nipples/Oversupply

    ]Hey girls,
    I have managed to get baby back to breast from the bottle. He nursed 7 times yesterday, only accepted the bottle once after nursing. (Dad feeds him once before bedtime w/ bottle I pump to store.) He pooped a little yesterday, just slightly runny. He ususally only goes once a week.

    Problem is he is slipping down onto the nipple. Latch starts great, flow is great, lots of active sucking and swallowing for at least 10 mins on one breast. Some feeds were longer yesterday, 15 mins, if sleepy 20 or more. He seems satisified. His diaper this morning was very wet and heavy w/ urine was like the color of apple juice though - I thought this might be because there was so much together it made the urine look darker? Urine yesterday was pretty clear, all diapers were wet, some more than others. (he pees when he gets his bath too)

    I am nervous about him not getting enough hindmilk as I have an oversupply since I have just been pumping up until recently. I usually pump after most feeds, yesterday I skipped two pumpings so he could go back and start nursing from the same breast. Worked well. This morning though, I had to pump afterwards or I would have been in bad shape. (Offered bottle afterwards as he only nursed 10 min. didn't want it) How can I make sure he gets the hindmilk? My book says your MER is what releases this from the breasts, and is usually identified by a lot of milk flow and lots of swallowing. I always have that!? It also says MER is effected by stress and pain, (including sore nipples). Nipples are just now getting sore. Not terrible though. No cracks or bleeding and using Lanolin.

    PS Using clutch hold to keep baby's head as still as possible and close to the breast to try to prevent slipping. Supporting breast w/ sandwich or U hold.

    Any hints? I have thought about calling Pedi today, taking for weight check today and next Friday for reference?

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    Default Re: New to Breastfeeding/Sore Nipples/Oversupply

    how old is baby?

    maybe just tweaking how you old him will help?

    there are some great clips on dr newmans web site

    You'll get the hang of things.
    IF baby is growing and weting 5-6 diapars your doing great!

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    Default Re: New to Breastfeeding/Sore Nipples/Oversupply

    Baby was 10 wks on Monday.
    I also think we having teething issues going on. He does a lot of biting down on my fingers. Once today after nursing, I tried to get him going again a few times and he cried once he got the breast. I guess he didn't want it? He did want to chomp down on my finger though immediately afterwards. Didn't seem to cry or be hungry when I laid him down. He only nursed 7 min or so, so about 45 mins later after his bath put him back and he nursed a few more minutes on the same side.

    It also helps a little if I put downward pressure on his chin sometimes. Whats that indicate?

    PS, baby sometimes will open wide, like yesterday, other times he doesn't do as well. How to get him to open wider? The nipple tickle doesn't work, he starts smacking his lips instead! (It's funny actually but counterproductive.) Also, my breasts are larger.
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    Default Re: New to Breastfeeding/Sore Nipples/Oversupply

    I would think with all that milk you can definitely stop offering the bottle after nursing. I had an oversupply for a while, too. I literally froze gallons of milk in tiny plastic bags. Block nursing worked for me. I'd nurse my son from one side for 2 feedings straight and then from the other side for 2 feedings. After a while, I'd just nurse from one side at every feeding. I still do that. Sometimes, I would pump a little to relieve the pressure from the other side and sometimes, while nursing, I'd just hold a towel over the side not being used and alot would just spray out and relieve the pressure itself!

    P.S. At about 9 months my supply slowly started dropping and I was sure glad I had all that frozen milk for the sitter.
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