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    All I can offer at this point, is when she's nursing one side, you can pump the other, lightly and then thats not "wasted milk" anymore *I'd* also say since theres an issue of weight, wake her up at night!!

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    Hi ,

    I'm glad to hear that things are going better for you and your little one. Please continue to keep us posted!

    I would echo a couple of things that previous posters have stated. As you start exclusively breastfeeding again (Way to go! ), it will be important to monitor diaper output. As long as diaper output is good, you can be assured that baby is getting enough to eat. Nursing 6 times per day is probably not enough, though. Try shooting for 8-10 times every 24 hours.

    Night nursing is a really effective way of increasing milk production. This is because prolactin (milk-making hormone) levels are highest at night. Until you are certain that baby is gaining well exclusively breastfeeding, it would be a good idea to encourage at least one night nursing. Do you co-sleep?

    Leaking milk from the other breast while nursing is a sign that milk production is good, so be encouraged! Remember the principle of supply and demand--the more baby nurses, the more milk you will make. Leaking milk is not really wasted milk as long as baby is nursing, because your body is constantly making milk. If it bothers you, you can pump the other side as Number3 suggested, or simply collect the leaking milk in a cup.

    Keep up the great work, mama!


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