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Thread: Night weaning

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    Default Night weaning

    So I have the no cry sleep solution for todders and preschoolers, and I've read the Dr Jay Gordon method as well.

    For those that have BTDT, how did you know your lo was ready. . or that you were ready for both of you?

    Lately dd has been on an all-night marathon nursing kick, and without much sleep mommy isn't that happy or fun right now. I don't want to make this decision while sleep-deprived though because that's just not fair to her in my book. Also she's been cutting her eye teeth, and has a little cold thing going too, so until both of those are completed I'm not starting.

    Anyhoo. . .we "tried" the other night pretty much cold turkey since it was 3:30 am and no one was sleeping. . .and she fussed/cried/screamed for an hour before dh gave her back. I'm wondering if she's letting me know she's not ready, or if she's just a drama diva about it? I gave in because of the cold/possible still teething going on, and then last night she was much better. She nursed, not just comfort sucking. . .but still it was about 4-5 times.

    Thanks for listening, and and suggestions/tips you may have I'm greatly appreciative of.

    BTW we are also ttc our #3 so this will help my fertility as well. . .but won't push weaning completely as I'd like a more child-led approach this time around
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    Default Re: Night weaning

    - me again

    We did Dr Jay's mothod. In a nut shell I tried when he was about 15 mo and knew right away it wasn't time. Tried again at 18 mo because he happened to sleep all night long this onenight so I took it as a 'sign' since I had just been talking to DH about it. So that next night we started and all he did was whine at me... so I felt it was time and he was ready. he whined on and off that night until he finally fell asleep, next night he didn't even bother asking, just hoped into our bed, (from his side bar crib) and fell asleep.
    Been night wenaed ever since. Not saying he doesnt wake up now and again but night nursing is a thing of the past.

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    Default Re: Night weaning

    Our situation was very very similar to Number3's. We tried at about 13 months but its just the wrong time when you're dealing with growth spurts and molars. We tried again at 16 months, a modified version of Dr Gordon's method. I swear, it took only three days of rocking instead of nursing. We didn't even have to finish the plan. He now goes all night without nursing. Sometimes he needs me to lay him back down or give him the binkie. I'm always more than willing to give him a snuggle and a kiss.

    Although I truly believe Dr Gordon's method works, the child HAS to be ready. I think Daniel was moving towards it on his own but needed a little help learning how to sleep without the boob. We still nurse down for nap and bed. But after night-weaning he can now fall asleep faster for his nap, and happily goes to sleep in the car or on DH's chest if thats the only option. Before night weaning he really struggled to go to sleep any other way than nursing.

    One thing I learned was to NOT refer to it as "giving in" when you nurse in the night. You are listening to your child and responding to his/her needs as you see fit. Limiting nursing is a good way to start total night-weaning. It will never be cold-turkey, gradual is the best way to go. I'm betting if you wait until the teething is past you will have better success.

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    Default Re: Night weaning

    We used the Dr. Gordon method about a month with my 15 MO son. We have pretty much always coslept and nursed to sleep. My final decision on this was made due to PG and my being pretty sore, figuring that if we night weaned we might be able to keep nursing longer. I did modify some, I did the nurse till relaxed but not asleep for about 5 days, but part of that was b/c I was so tired after about 2 days. He really didn't cry that much, but he was awake more for a few nights, and normally I would have just latched him on and fell back asleep. After that though, I think it only took a few nights of cuddling only before he started sleeping better.
    I will add that at about 12 mo. I started putting him to bed in his own bed (a crib matress on the floor next to our bed) and bringing him into our bed when he woke up (12 or 2).
    Also, there had been a few times when he was particularly "active" in the night where he would nurse, crawl around, nurse a few more min., crawl around somemore, and I had eventually let him whine for a few min. to see what he would do, only to find that after about 2 min. he would fall asleep on his own.
    He now nurses to sleep in his own bed or falls asleep on his own, sleeps well until around 4, then climbs into bed and cuddles up next to me, then goes to sleep for the rest of the night.
    Like the PP said, He will now go to sleep without nursing or fussing for anyone EXCEPT mommy.
    Hope everything goes well.
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