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    so yesterday i was worried cos my ds didnt give me a break. he wanted to feed all day. so my thought was he wasnt getting enough. he woke up crying not a "normal" cry for him. nothing was working. so i new right then it was gonna be one of those days. today when he woke up he was in a great mood. smiling and happy looking. i was glad. i didnt know if it was a drop in supply. but now i have a few questions:

    1. if he bf just for comfort is there any other way to comfort him w/o bfing him? i tried a binky but he doesnt take it

    2. when he does stay on the breast ALL day does it increase your milk supply? or does he need to be on breast all day for more then one day?

    3. i drink alittle less then a gallon of water everyday im not stressed out and i usually walk ALOT (except tues and wed of this week due to being over tired) but i didnt know what would cause a lack of supply if i was lacking. i dont know if i am or not cos like i said above he was not content at all yesterday. and he does have plenty of dirty diapers but he had 'watery' poop yesterday. and when i talked to my lc she told me he would have watery poop if he wasnt getting enough hindmilk. and thats why i was wondering if he isnt getting enough. how would i go about getting my body to make more hindmilk?

    thanks for reading im sorry so long.

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    Sounds like a classic growth spurt kind of nonstop feeding. Your body did and is responding to his increased need. I wouldn't be worried since he seems content today and his output is good.
    It's a hard thing, growth spurts, but you're doing an awesome job, mama! Trust your body to make the milk and keep up the good work on monitoring output.
    As for hindmilk, it comes at the end of the feeding. So you want to be sure that the baby "finishes" a breast so that he gets more hindmilk. Of course the more watery poop could have just been from him nursing and getting some much milk yesterday too.
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    1. Some soothing ideas for tiny ones: Swaddling, Shushing, Rocking (forward and back - like when in the womb), Patting/Rubbing back or bottom.

    2. I'm not sure on the milk supply increase. You'll probably know tomorrow if you feel overly full. No biggie if he's back to feeding normally.

    3. As PP said, hindmilk comes at the later part of the feeding, so make sure baby finishes breast - even if you have to stick with the same boob for 2 feedings. I would read up more on the hindmilk and try to get LO caloric intake up so he feels more full.

    One thing that has helped me tremendously is reading the book: Secrets of The Baby Whisperer. Has so much great information in it. IMHO!

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    I agree with the other moms and just wanted to add that it may have just been a bad day. My LO has them every once in awhile where he just wants to nure and be snuggled with and then the next day he's fine. You can definitely try to swaddling and rocking and other calming techniques, so it may have just been an off day for your lo and not much else. Just keep up the good work and monitor that output.

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    Agree with PP's. And remember that right now, while he's still pretty new, it's good to do what you did and let him nurse as often as he wants. He may be coming up on a growth spurt, and giving him a pacifier isn't going to do what he needs--pacis don't increase your milk supply. My LO won't take one either, and he's 5 months old. We've tried all his life. I'm finally giving in. They're probably not all that great anyway, especially if you want to breastfeed long-term.

    Keep us posted if things don't stay better.
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