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Thread: Is this teething?

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    Hi, I'm new here and have only been bf'ing for 9 weeks myself, but what you are describing is exactly what dd is doing now. She has been at if for almost three weeks, it started around her 7 week bday. She starts screaming as soon as I lay her on the boppy to nurse, I will then figure she is not wanting to eat so I pick her up and she proceeds to suck her hands, my shoulder, anything she can get in her mouth! Some think she is teething (I also see those little chicklet marks on her bottom gum line), others (my mother, DH, friends, etc...) say I am feeding her too often & she is just looking for something to suck on. I have cut back on her feeds in the past few days and am feeding her every 2-3 hours, only after I see her "hungry mouth" - at the advice of one of my bf'ing friends. This goes against what I have always done, which is watch to see if she is rooting/sucking on her hands, but she is definitely not protesting like she was. She has never taken a binky, so for now I am just going to assume that she is not hungry every time she finds her fist and puts it in her mouth. So, I just wanted you to know you are not the only one going through this- I feel your pain! Every time I lay her on the boppy I think "please eat, please eat" - it kills me when she refuses! Hang in there!

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    Thanks everyone! I'll just wait it out and see- the whole boppy thing is kind of weird, I, too think "please eat, please eat" when I try to feed him, but maybe I'm also trying to feed him too often and he's just mad. Kids!

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