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Thread: I do love nursing my toddler...

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    Default I do love nursing my toddler...

    So yesterday I was nursing Emmalynn (16 months) before trying to put her down for an afternoon nap and she was holding a baby doll. She stopped nursing and took her baby doll and put her up to my breast and said "milk milk." It was so sweet she wanted me to nurse her doll! This morning she asked me to nurse her sippy cup and another baby doll! My husband was hysterical when he saw her ask me to nurse her sippy cup. I must say it was a little weird to have her baby doll and sippy cup at my breast, but the look on her face was so sincere and sweet.

    Another cute thing was during the night last night. She has been nursing a lot during the night, especially in the early morning because she has a molar and two eye teeth coming in. I went to bed with a tank top on thinking she might not nurse as much that way and during the night, she came over to me to nurse and as I slid her over to nurse on my other side, she said (with her eyes closed and still fairly sleepy) "milk milk" and I said "ok you can have some milk" and she smiled and giggled. Too cute. Of course, several hours later when the nursing marathon was still going strong and I couldn't sleep well I was annoyed, but overall, I love nursing my toddler!
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    Default Re: I do love nursing my toddler...

    my dd has been doing the same. . .last night was a much better night than the night before. . .and so I nursing my toddler today too!
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    How sweet That is so cute!!

    I have yet to experience nursing anything other than Caitlyn, but I hope we continue long enough that I do
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    Default Re: I do love nursing my toddler...

    Awwww...so sweet. Joshua is 17 months old, and he just started nursing his stuffed animals, and his rubber snake. The poisonous viper hanging from my breast. What a sight to behold
    He makes a munching sound, and then says "ahh" when they are done "feeding". Too cute.

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    Default Re: I do love nursing my toddler...

    Nursing a sippy cup

    due Mid-March
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    Default Re: I do love nursing my toddler...

    I love the cute things they do while nursing when getting older . We started with the teddy bear a while ago and she's now shared some milk with her Hotwheels cars -boy did Dh love that The funniest yet was just recently when she picked up the alarm clock off the night stand and gave it a good rub on the boobie for some milk too!!!

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    Owen who is 17 months old likes to share nursing with his toys too! I think it's adorable as well ! My favorite is how he says " Booboo" when I am lifting up my shirt, he sorta whispers it while smiling ...

    They are so funny at this age!
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    Default Re: I do love nursing my toddler...

    Quote Originally Posted by KathrynK View Post
    poisonous viper hanging from my breast.
    just the thought makes me crack up!
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