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Thread: Irritated and Tired

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    Default Re: Irritated and Tired * FOLLOW UP - it worked

    Glad to hear things went well for you yesterday! I'm sure cluster feeding is much easier to manage starting at 5 rather than 10. Here's some info on cue feeding and its benefits if anyone is interested. http://www.llli.org/NB/NBJulAug03p126.html
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    Yay!!! Good for you!!! Congrats mom!

    Loving being a first time mom to Mia Lynn! Born 2/26/08!!

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    Glad to see things are going better. I would suggest co-sleeping if your not. My LO was very high needs when she was born and we did the co-sleeping for the first 8 weeks because she liked to cluster feed at night. I found that it was more like she just needed me to be close to her rather than hunger. She still nursed but more like sucked and fell asleep and stayed latched on for a while to keep me close. Once we got this down she was fine. We did a lot of babywearing during the day too so she was next to me all the time. That helped because she could nurse more often during the day and needed less in the evenings.
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    I agree, growth spurt and cluster feedings will help. In general, I find the more I nurse in the day the less I nurse at night. We have a routine going now where she only wakes up once or twice to eat. When I sensed another growth spurt around 6 weeks, I bf her on a schedule even when she was dozing. She would wake long enough to eat and then pretty much sleep through the night.

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    Just wanted to let you know I am in the same boat as you. I have just started the evening cluster feeding this past week (was more baby led). We tried the co-sleeping for a few nights. It worked ok, but he's a restless sleeper - he kicks me a lot at night. So I came up with a sorta co-sleeping thing. I took the side rail off his crib, pushed it right up to my edge of the bed so both met. I fed him and start him off in his bed at night, then when he wakes I can reach over for him either sit up or lay on my side and nurse then put him back in his bed without having to get up. I like that he is still very close to me but I'm not kept up with his kicking me either. Sometimes after dh leaves for work I bring LO in bed with me for some morning snuggles and sleep, then when he starts kicking I can just put him a little further on dh's side. Also the swaddling thing has definately made a difference. At first I didn't think he liked it, but tried it again when he was about 3wks. Now he sleeps much better at night.

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