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Thread: clogged duct- when to call dr.??

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    Question clogged duct- when to call dr.??

    I have a 6 week old DS (first baby) and breast feeding has so far gone remarkably well.
    This morning I awoke to a little boy who slept through his second feeding of the night (YAY) but left me with very full breasts.
    I have a clogged duct on my right side and have been applying warm compresses, feeding more often and done some gentle massage of the area.
    This happened on the left side when he was two weeks and these solutions worked like a charm.
    This clog seems to be a bit more stubborn-
    how long does it usually take for a clogged duct to clear up?
    when would you call a doctor and which doctor do you call- ob or gp?
    I ask because we are flying on Saturday and I really don't want this to escelate into aninfection and have to deal with that while traveling.

    Thanks for helping out a new mom!

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    Default Re: clogged duct- when to call dr.??

    I just went through the same thing. I've had clogged ducts that work themselves out by nursing on that side first, massaging, etc - all the things that you're doing.

    My advice is to call at the first sign of a fever. This last time I was feverish off and on for a few days and thought I could just let it ride out and get rid of it myself, but then I spiked a fever of 103 - I called the OB and they saw me right away, prescribed antibiotics, and after a day and half I was fever free and the pain had subsided.

    Good luck - I hope you're feeling better soon without having to resort to the meds.

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    Default Re: clogged duct- when to call dr.??

    One more question-
    I got up and pumped the feeding my DS is skipping and the supply on the clogged side is really low compared to the side that is fine-
    should I be concerned? Will my supply return to normal when the clog is gone?
    I'm more worried now- help!?

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    Default Re: clogged duct- when to call dr.??


    Here is a (non LLL) resource that might help lay it all out for you!

    I agree with the PP that at the sign of a fever to call your dr, which ever one you feel more comfortable with, or has experience with nursing mothers.

    When you say that the supply was low on the clogged side was it because you didn't get a good pumping output from it?? If that's the reason, rest assured that it's probably ok, sometimes we just don't get a lot from the pump, even if you did before. Keep nursing on that side, if it is low it will even back out soon. Usually it takes a few days to diminish a supply, and a few days to a few weeks to get it back up to speed.
    Some mother's feed their babies with only one side, so you can defiantly make enough for your little one!
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