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Thread: My 10 months-old breastfed every hour last night

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    Unhappy My 10 months-old breastfed every hour last night


    My son is 10 months old and still co-sleeping with us.
    I feel that last night he went overboard asking to be fed every hour :-(
    but if I did not give it to him, he would cry so bad, like real crying...it breaks my heart
    I dont know what to do????
    we tried switching him to breastmilk in bottles at night, so I can sleep a little bit, but still he does wake up every 2-3 hours to be fed.
    At daycare the other kids the same age sleep all night now, but they are on Formula...so sometimes I wonder if my milk is still good enough???
    Help me please
    Thanks a lot

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    Default Re: My 10 months-old breastfed every hour last night

    he may be going through a growth spurt. my son is 8months old and still wakes to breastfeed. and last month, he did the same thing. some nights he only feeds twice, and iwake up soooo happy. other nights, he eats 6 or 7 times. i notice that when he sleeps a lot, he eats more. so i attribute it to growth spurt. i just give him what he needs. and your milk is just fine! you may want to try feeding him solids just before bed. our routine is.

    solids at 7:30. bath at 8. nurse between 9 and 10 until he drifts off to bed.

    he usually gets up at midnight, between 2 and 3, and around 4 to feed. then at 7 and when we wake up.

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    Default Re: My 10 months-old breastfed every hour last night

    Its probably more the fact that he sleeps with you.... if I slept next to an all night buffet I would want to eat too!!!! My dd usually sleeps through the night... sometimes she wakes up around 4 or 5 am and I will nurse her but usually she sleeps from 7 pm- 6 am without nursing. She is 11 months next week.. and no formula.. just breastmilk. I should add that she still nurses every 2 hours during the day though.....
    How often does he nurse during the day?
    If you aren't getting any sleep you need to switch things up.. your sleep is important too. A 10 month old can go at least 6 hours without nursing I would think????

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    Default Re: My 10 months-old breastfed every hour last night

    Hi, It could be a growth spurt or teething. My 12 month lo is going thru this right now. I am a all night buffet right now. I tried putting her in her own bed and it did not help but make me more tired! I think its a normal stage and will pass as I remember my lo doing this during her pervious teething/growth spurt stages. Hang in there it will get better!
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    Default Re: My 10 months-old breastfed every hour last night

    Thanks a lot for all your replies.

    So usually our routine is a bit like Amber, we try to feed him when we eat around 7-7:30. He loves bread and puffs and apple sauce :-), now I am mixing it with veggies as well, then bath, then PJ, then story time and by 9-9:30pm I breastfeed him and he goes to bed. If we are lucky he will wake up only at 12:30, if not sometime he needs an milky snack at 10:30pm.
    then 2:30 am, 4:30 and 6-30/7am.

    During the day he is at daycare, I always gave him 3 bottles of 4 ounces, but he usually drinks only 6 ounces total, and eats 2 jars of fruit (2nd stage). Should I switch to 3rd stage?

    I agree that he should be able to sleep longer without food, but putting him in his own bed just does not work for us, I woke up so much tired when I do that, and he cries a lot too.

    Plus he is teething at the moment, his first lower tooth is coming out, so cute :-) but I guess very painful for them, so he finds confort in the breast.
    My husband said that last night our LO found my husband's arm and started to suck on it ;-) too cute.

    I do need to sleep more, and I am sure you all need to sleep as well, but I think (and I hope) that it won't last forever...unless we will all end up with 18 years old feeding all night in our beds

    Thanks a lot everybody, it is always wonderful to get support.
    Take care

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    Default Re: My 10 months-old breastfed every hour last night

    My son will be 10 months tomorrow, and he, too, eats about every two hours throughout the night.
    It's rough. last week I dedicated serious thought to transferring him to the crib, which is right next to our bed---but after about five tries during nap time, I regressed.
    I just like to think that it will end, someday...and I should enjoy snuggling with him (though snuggling means coaxing him to sleep at the breast) while I can. Please let me know if anything changes, or you find that miracle advice.
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    Default Re: My 10 months-old breastfed every hour last night

    I work nights and the nights I am gone lo sleeps 8-9 pm until 7 am without getting up to eat. But when I am home with him at night it is a different story. He eats all night! I think when you co-sleep like I do they can smell the milk and snack all night long.

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    Default Re: My 10 months-old breastfed every hour last night

    Teething can be a big part of all night nursing. My 21month old DD increases her intake and decreases it based on whether or not she's teething. Trust me when I say this, and you yourself are living proof, that i will not last forever.

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    Default Re: My 10 months-old breastfed every hour last night

    I agree on the all night buffet and smelling the milk. I might even have proof!

    My son refuses to sleep in his crib. I WOH and my DH is a SAHD. So after lo goes to sleep, nursing at the breast around 7:30...I hold him for a few hours, he nurses again around 9 then Daddy takes over and either holds him or lets him sleep on the chaise under his watch. I go to bed at 9 and daddy brings him to me anywhere from 1:30 to 3 AM.

    So from 9 PM till 1:30 - 3 AM..he will sleep straight through. However from the time he comes to bed with me...he is up every hour to hour and a half wanting to nurse.

    Furthermore, my DH works on Fri and Sat nights...so I have baby duty all night. Guess what? He nurses ever hour to hour and a half all night long!

    So I think it is very true that its at least in part because they are close to you. I love cosleeping (part time anyway) with DS, so I am not going to give it up just yet, but I do know firsthand how hard it is to not get any solid sleep at night.

    Hang in there...one day they will be 3, 4, 5 years old and we will miss these days.

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