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Thread: Help! Having LOTS of trouble weaning my 14 m/o

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    Default Re: Help! Having LOTS of trouble weaning my 14 m/o

    I hope you are doing better now. I just wanted to let you know that I have not given in and I am on my 6th day of no breastfeeding. He has gotten use to falling asleep on his own, with me close by or sometimes I do carry him. But he has cried during the night in small spurts but usually if left alone he always goes back to sleep. I have noticed he sleeps longer now and doesn't wake up as easily. I feel for Abby she must be so uncomfortable, as well as what you are having to go through. Best of luck and hope you find my message helpful Feel better soon! Maribel
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    Thanks for all the support everyone! I've actually been laying low these past few days because I got, of all things, mastitis from the darned bite. Turns out Abby has something going on in her mouth (canker sores everywhere started yesterday) so whatever it is, she gave to me. I'd forgotten just how much fun mastitis IS in the year since I've had it.

    Given that I need to keep that breast emptied as much as possible, I've put weaning on hold until I recover. Abby DID, however, snuggle with me yesterday and drink milk from her sippy, which was a nice change (normally she won't even look at her sippy if I'm around).

    I know that she's going to need lots of extra loving, and I've tried distracting her with games, playing with her babydoll, having a treat like OJ (her fave), but she's not easily detered.

    Maribel - Your story gives me hope!!! I'm glad that you guys are seeing success!!

    I'm going to go out and grab the books suggested as well as soon as my darned fever breaks!

    Thanks again!

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    Default Re: Help! Having LOTS of trouble weaning my 14 m/o

    I just want to address this thread: Weaning is something that will happen in a baby's life, either mother-directed, child-directed, or both. I am glad the previous posters have worked this out in a way they are comfortable with. I realize one poster had major medical issues that weaning would finally clear up.

    I planned to let my baby cry it out, I thought that would be a good way for us to get him to sleep on his own (this was not for weaning, this was to get him to fall asleep). I laid him in his crib, and I laid in my bed (I was exhausted!). He cried and cried; I cried and cried. The longer he cried, the more I got angry. Honestly, I can say I wanted to shake him -- I was so mad! As his crying continued and got worse, I got more and more irrational with my feelings. Instead of feeling sympathetic to his cries, I took it as a personal affront. That night I realized I am not the kind of person who can let my baby cry it out. If it made me that crazy, so crazy I wanted to hurt my child, it was not for me. Something clicked in me, and I thought, "How hard is it to just nurse him when he's upset?" That was 6 years ago, and I have never done it since, because I recognize it does not work with my brain and heart. I just want to let others who may be reading this know there are other ways. I am not trying to hurt anyone's feelings if they have weaned or stopped night-nursing this way -- like I said, this was my situation and my experience, and I now know myself well enough to know for me this is not a good idea; my sil, though, has done fine with these methods and they have worked for her family (and I like and love her! ). But you also have to do what works for mom. And remember, any amount of time a baby nurses is good .

    I just had to add another perspective.

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