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Thread: Refusing Bottle??

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    Default Refusing Bottle??

    DH has been helping with the evening feeds for a while now using EBM in a bottle. My LO just turned 3 mo and has started to refuse the bottle. He starts to squirm and arch his back, he'll drink a little but it is a struggle and he ends up finishing the feeding on the breast...

    Has anyone had this issue, not sure what to do...I was glad he didn't have a problem with the bottle before since I will be going back to work soon. Could it be the milk, or the flow of the nipple...not sure why it would change all of a sudden. We use Dr. Brown bottles, I'm thinking of trying to find some different nipples to see if the flow is the problem...maybe he wants a faster flow...or slower...

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    Sometimes LO's just get too smart at the age. It could be that he knows mama's around and he wants the real thing. My DS would absolutely refuse a bottle if I was in the same room, even the same house. He only took a bottle from me once in his life, while we were at church for his christening. Once I went back to work at 3 months he took it but decided he hated it again at 7 months and never took one again. Try not to waste money on different bottles, nipples. I did that and regretted it. I just came to realize that it wasn't the type of bottle, but the fact that he just didn't want one when I was around.
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