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Thread: Help. Feeling down... need encouragement!

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    any way that you could be pg?

    Mine hurt like the dickens when I got pg with little sis, I had to wean my phillip I just couldn't deal with the pain.

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    Default Re: Help. Feeling down... need encouragement!

    and a big giant one too! Sorry to hear that you are having trouble. You have done a wonderful job and it would be a shame to stop now. It will pass soon.
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    The eye teeth were the absolute worst for us including a 10 day strike when I wasn't sure if he would come back to the breast. Hang in there! Those teeth will come in! Have your tried giving him anything at night for the pain?
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    A thought:
    Unlatch him before he gets into a deep sleep. He may fuss for a second and go back to sleep.. this will keep him from biting you unconsciously. It MAY also help him learn to nurse a little less during his sleep. Good luck with the pacifier! (That's a sarcastic tone, because at 15 months they know what they want and where it is!) It's a tiring age whether they are nursing or not.

    Yes it passes. Oh my goodness these will all be sweet memories one day. (not sarcastic.)

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    Sorry for the lack of an update. He wants nothing to do with that pacifier during the night other than to hold it as he falls asleep. Now he likes it to bit on during the day though, which I suppose does no harm, as he doesn't really care if he has it or not... as long as you don't take it away once he has it. LOL! I am also taking him back to the doc today for his allergies. I think that is impeding his ability to sleep too, as he is conjested and that makes him have more apnea episodes which causes him to wake up... big bad cycle. grr... on the other hand, just one more tooth to get through the skin... hopefully that will help until the 2 year molar round comes!

    @Andrea-- Nope. Hubby has been in Syria/Lebanon/UAE/Jordan since the end of November.

    @I-Man's-- I have and do, and it helps for the first five or six hours, but after that, we're back to where we started.

    @awnja-- I have been unlatching him for the most part, which actually helps him to sleep better and look for the breast less. He really only bit me that one time. It was weird... oh well...

    Thank you everyone for your encouragement. It really does mean a lot to me and has helped me to keep going. After all this gets straightened out, I'm sure I'll have a new problem. LOL!
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    I'm not there yet, but I just wanted to encourage you to keep up the good work and that this too shall pass! Good luck and God bless!

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