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Thread: BPA free bottles with Medela

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    I use the medela bottles & found when I switched to medela bottles my dd had less gas.
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    Sassy Mam Ultivent are BPA free as are the gerber clearview and tints (pastels)...and are much cheaper than the Born Free bottles.

    Evenflo makes glass bottles too that are available at BRU.
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    Try looking a zrecs.blogspot.com for a good resource on BPA. My daughter would only use the Nuk nipples, wide mouth, so we got by with hand washing until I could find a replacement. I got the Green to Grow bottles, used with the venting Nuk nipples, and I love them. Green to Grow has amazing customer service.

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    I have happy news to report....Dr. Browns BPA free bottles just came out on the market this month! I found them at babiesrus for $12.99 for a 3-pack. They do not have them on their website yet...just in stores. Don't try to buy them online either right now...you will get majorly ripped off. I saw them go on ebay for $25-$40 per pack and on amazon for $45-$69.95 per pack the other day....it's so ridiculous! Oh...and these bottles will screw right onto any medela pump. I just love these things cause the vent system is AMAZING! My LO has never had issues with his tummy since he started using them. Oh...and just to let you know...they are cloudy looking and are the polypropylene. Do not get the polycarbonate ones because they do contain BPA (these are the ones at major store right now: BRU, Target, Walmart, etc).

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