I've tried everything, from mother's milk tea, to fenugreek capsules, to even RX Reglan to keep my milk up. My LO refuses to latch correctly (he opens wide, but will only suck the nipple in, in essence, does nipple feeding instead of breastfeeding). I have been pumping for 7 weeks solid, but my "need" to pump is waining. I used to pump every 2-3 hours, and was having a good result. But now, there's hardly anything there when I pump now. I even have to wait several hours before breast is full enough to pump it out. I don't get engorged, but breasts have gone soft. Completely. So, I've had to supplement with formula. My LO doesn't seem to mind. I'm mixing for now, so I don't waste any bm.

I am going back to work in about a month, and won't be given much time to pump while at work, so I'd have to wean him anyway. My question is, I'm gonna have to stop pumping soon enough so my breasts get the message. How do I keep from getting engorged? I don't want to have a blocked duct and snowball into mastitis either. How do I "tell" my breasts its time to stop?