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Thread: Baby led solids, anyone?

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    I'm going to Bump an old thread for you. It has a lot of what you are looking for in it. Alot of people who aren't here anymore have done this and been through it....Look when you come back for something to be bumped for you!

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    We did BLS, too and it's been great. At first my mom would get really nervous every time I fed her, telling me the pieces of food were too big, but we've never had any problems. Now my mom is a big BLS advocate and proudly brags about how well her granddaughter eats.

    Our lo has been in day care since she was 9 mos and they've been fine about just giving her the same lunch they give the slightly older children and watching her closely when she eats. They were very impressed with how well she fed herself that young and often let her sit at the table with the older kids instead of sitting in a highchair.
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