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    OK, so I woke my 23 Week Old DD, Antonia, to nurse at 10PM she then woke up at 12 and 3AM… I find that she sleeps better in the evenings when she’s been in daycare… and I have deduced through simple assumption and then by weighing her that a large part of that comes from her milk intake. When she’s in daycare she gets three 4oz bottles… then I nurse her 5-6 times throughout the day other then those bottles. She sleeps in longer stretches in the evening, usually only waking once. When she’s home with me we feed 8-10 times and she wakes 2-3 times in the evening

    Is there any way I can get her to take more in at a nursing? Obesity is so NOT a problem here LOL… and I think this explains why I have probs pumping 4oz bottles for her LOL, oh I forgot to mention this AM I weighed her nakey before a feeding 12lbs 14oz, nakey after the feeding 13lbs 0.5oz L this would also explain why weight gain has been an issue (Back story, she's a SLOW gainer, has had issues with NO weight gain from week to week). If she only takes in 2.5 oz a feeding times let’s say the 10 we average when she’s exclusively BFing it’s only 25oz and she would need 32 oz to gain properly. When she wants to eat, we eat. I feed on demand and if she wakes in the night I feed her, I don’t have a problem with this. I just wish she would up her intake a little… if she needs the night feedings so be it, that’s life, but even with night feedings we're only hitting the 10 feedings a day, sometimes 12!


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    I really don't have useful advice -- there is no sure-fire way to get a baby to eat more per feeding. In cases where slow weight gain is a concern, the usual advice is to nurse more frequently. You might try breast compressions to keep her on the breast longer? (I really don't expect that to accomplish much -- you can't force a baby to breastfeed when she's done, KWIM?)

    I would encourage you not to extrapolate intake from one feeding to estimate her daily milk intake. That can really vary a lot from feeding to feeding, and also from day to day.


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    A few thigns come to mind:

    1) Since breastmilk is more nutrient dense than formula, bf don't need as much as ff babies. Your baby doesn't need 32 ounces of bm to thrive (did your ped tell you this?). Research has shown that bf babies under 6 months drink an average of 25 ounces per day. 2.5 oz per feeding is not low (and Rebecca is right, it varies tremendously from one feeding to another).

    2) Is it possible that she sleeps better when she's been at daycare because it is a very stimulating environment so she's "pooped" by the time she gets home?

    3) Does she have more wet diapers on the days she's in dc? That's the best way to see if she really drinks more on those days.

    4) Do you offer both sides at each feeding? Rebecca's suggestions for breast compressions are good. Does your baby seem distracted at feedings? Perhaps try feeding her in a dark room? Does she refuse to feed if you offer more often in the evening?

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    I think we are having the same issue. DS is a slow weight gain, I have not succesfully weighed him between feedings. The one time I tried, my milk would not let down. When we are together he only nurses maybe 3-5 min on one side and maybe 5-8 on the other. I know that some babies are more effiecient as they get older, but he is not ACTIVELY sucking the whole time.
    I cannot get him to stay on the breast longer and when I "force" him to try to eat longer he starts spitting up what I Made him drink. When we are together he nurses every 2-3 hours. Otherwise he will go 3-4 hours. I leave a 5 oz bottle with dh when I am at work. I usually only miss one feeding. If I miss two, then I only give him 4 to 4.5 oz because I cannot pump more and I know he will make up for it when we are together.
    Sometimes I think the reason he eats smaller meals is because of his reflux. The med seemed to be working fine for a while, but not so much anymore. We go to the GI next month. But if he continues to spit up as much and eat frequent small meals, I will call the pedi. I tried breaking up his medicine and giving him half in the am and half in the evening to see if it would solve the problem.
    Anyways, I just wanted to let you know we are having the same problems. DS is 7 month old weighs 12 lb and some change-people always comment about how small he is and others comment on how frequently he eats and that he should only be eating4-6 times a day. I enjoy feeding him 7-10 times a day because that is our alone time together.
    Just wanted to let you know your are not alone!

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