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Thread: bad sucktion

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    Default bad sucktion

    my two year old just in the last day has had trouble keeping a good suck going.
    he'll be hungry, non snotty nosed at the breast and just having a heck of time getting into a suck swallow rhythm. there's a loud sucking noise and i know he's not getting as much plus then he gets frustrated and pops off to go play.

    has anyone ever had this happen?
    is there anything i can do to help him out?

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    Default Re: bad sucktion

    No answers, we seem to have something similar but not all the time. DD just turned 1, and she's started to sometimes lose suction and get frustrated. I wonder if maybe she's teething, since her sleep has been messed up too. Could it be that your LO is teething?

    I'll be watching to see what others have to say.
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    Default Re: bad sucktion

    this problem hasn't gotten much better.
    it seems to happen more when he's tired but not only then.

    it doesn't matter if my breasts are full or soft,
    if he's hungry or not,
    it's like there is some physical problem.

    as he grows i'm noticing that his front teeth do stick out
    and are "buck", i had this problem and had to have braces,
    i wonder if this could be his problem.

    i've also wondered if he's trying to wean himself,
    this is the strangest way i've ever heard of weaning happening,
    i mean, he asks for milk, crawls on my lap and then has trouble getting milk
    and doesn't seem that upset about it,
    he either gets down and plays or rolls over and falls alseep in my arms.
    i miss nursing so much it hurts me,
    this seems so sudden,
    he's just 23 months

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    Default Re: bad sucktion

    Have you asked his Dr. about it? Or would he just tell you that the kid is old enough to be done nursing anyway? I'm just thinking if you think there is a physical problem, they might be able to help?
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