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Thread: Baby with severe weight loss - please help!

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    Default Baby with severe weight loss - please help!

    Okay, as you may have seen, my DD and I are having some issues.

    She latches on, pops off screaming and then latches back on. Repeat this cycle for at least 30 minutes. I discovered by accident that by sticking through it and making her relatch over and over, that she eventually latches on and stays on. She will nurse for 20 minutes a side, and then take the other side - usually with no issues.

    She was born at 6 lbs 14 oz, and we left the hospital at 6 lbs 7.5 oz. Her 5 day weight check was 6 lbs 6 oz. However, she dropped to 5 lbs 4 oz at her 2 week check up.

    I spoke to a LC, and she was very concerned - concerned enough to insist on supplementation. Gia (my DD) has been given an ounce of formula after I nurse. I rented a pump today, and was able to pump an ounce between both breasts after she nursed. My DH gave her this EBM as her supplementation.

    Is this a good amount to have pumped after a feeding?

    She drank 3/4 of it, which leads me to suspect she is satisfied with the food that made it to her tummy via nursing. The LC is assuming - without having witnessed a feed - that my supply is low. We have an appointment with her tomorrow to get her assistance. If my supply were low, wouldn't she be wanting more than 3/4 ounce after she nurses?

    Any suggestions for packing the ounces on her? I have formula here, and will give it after a feed if its necessary, but am hoping to stick to EBM. I'm offering the breast every 2 hours, pumping right after and then having DH give her the EBM in a bottle.

    Anything else I should be doing?

    Thanks so much in advance! I'm just so worried about her.

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    Default Re: Baby with severe weight loss - please help!

    Lots and lots of hugs for you mama, this is really got you worried.
    Check out this (non LLL) link How might I increase baby's weight gain?
    for more info.

    Your right that expressed BM is the first choice for supplementing. That's a good amount to pump after just nursing! This is also the hind milk so the most dense in calories and fat.
    How are Gia's diaper's? She should be having 5-6 wet, and 3-4 bowel movements per day. If it's less than this, it might be an issue of milk transfer - which can be worked on and resolved for sure!
    Does she seem happy and healthy to you otherwise?

    Working closely with your LC is important, losing weight can really worry everyone. Hopefully you will learn more tomorrow at your appointment - you might also bring up supplementing at the breast, like with a supplementing nursing system. Let her know that breastfeeding is really important to you and that you would prefer to supplement with your BM first and foremost.

    Good luck mama, keep us updated, I hope you are on the upswing!
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    Default Re: Baby with severe weight loss - please help!

    let us know how your appointment goes
    if you need more support
    you can do it.
    Sometimes babies and moms just need a little help to get started with breastfeeding.

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    Default Re: Baby with severe weight loss - please help!

    It doesn't take much in those first few wks to make baby lose weight. If you were having some transfer issues and your milk was slow to come in (it can take a REALLY long time in some women), it wouldn't be abnormal to lose a lot of weight. It's not healthy and now that you know, you should watch her closely and make sure she is going forward from here on out. I would have someone watch you nurse to check your latch and check baby for a tongue tie, or you can check yourself and talk to the DR about it if needed. I would pump after every feed you can, not only to have ebm to give her, but to also help your supply some. I would feed, pump for 10 mins, then give that to baby. Do this for a week and re-weigh her to see where she's at. If she has moved forward, you could cut back on how much ebm you offer or just go back to nursing for a week and then re-weigh.
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