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Thread: can't read my baby's feeding signs

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    Default can't read my baby's feeding signs

    I am a bit confused about my baby's hunger signs. She seems to eat all day, but fusses at the breast. When I think she is done because she pulls out, she starts sucking on her arm, she actually gave herself a hickey yesterday... so I give her the breast again and she starts sucking on it again until she repeats the fussing again... I can't seem to understand what she wants. Is she hungry non stop, or she just likes to suck. I dont want to give her pacifiers yet, and I am afraid that she will start sucking on her thumb soon.
    Any suggestions will help.
    My baby is a month old today.


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    Default Re: can't read my baby's feeding signs

    most babies do love to suck, i would say that if she is not fussy when she is not on breast she prolly just loves to suck, my ds loves to suck as well, we occasionally give him a passy if were out in public but usually he just sucks on your shirt or his hand or your arm, and if he is hungry he cries as he dont get nothing from his hand =-) giving her a passy is your call, some babies it does cause nipple confusion, i would say by 1 month if shes good at laching on and stuff your prolly good but thats just my opinion. hopefully some mommies who know a little more will help you out as well.
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