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Thread: Thanks for the support!

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    Default Thanks for the support!

    I have been breastfeeding for alittle over 1 month with no end in sight! I never went this far with breastfeeding my other children! Everyone I talk to told me it would get easier and they were right. So, thanks so much for the constant encouragement!

    I do have one question maybe someone could answer. As my baby gets bigger she will want more milk...will my body adjust to that need as she gets older? I was thinking about the yesterday because she seems to want to feed longer and sometimes even finishes both breasts at once!! LOL
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    Congratulations for making it this far!!! It still continues to get easier as you go.

    Your body will adjust and produce more milk as your baby needs it. That is one of the miraculous things about breastfeeding- your body adjusts and responds to your baby's needs and it's all based on supply and demand. You will start to produce more milk at certain times, depending on when your baby eats and you'll stop leaking milk constantly. Your baby will also get better and more efficient at emptying the breast so your nursing sessions will probably get shorter in a few months or so.
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