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Thread: New Mommy here...Need encouragement?

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    Default New Mommy here...Need encouragement?

    Hi Mommies! im so glad that I found this site as I am just about to throw in the towel & go to formula. Only for the reason that Im insecure about breastfeeding my baby. He is 10 days old & so far breastfeeding is going well.

    He was born at 37 weeks & has jaundice. So dr had me supplementing with formula as I breastfed (it was only a dripping device so he thought he was getting all my milk...And helped my milk supply) Yesterday at his dr appt he is back to his birthweight of 7 lbs 2 oz. So his dr told me I can take him off of the formula & EBF. Well, I was very comfortable watching him suck down that 2 oz bottle of formula, knowing he was full & satisfied. But yesterday I doubted myself all day that he wasnt getting enough from me. He didnt sleep as much as he did the first week & he seems to be hungry more often.

    How do I know that I have enough milk? Why do I sometimes leak & sometimes not? Should I be leaking all day if I have a good milk supply? Ive been eating homeade oatmeal, drinking lots of water & taking More Milk Plus supplement.

    Also, since he has jaundice he tires VERY quickly while eating. He will vigerously eat for a few minutes then fall asleep so I have to make him stay awake to eat more.

    My goal is to bump milk so during his sleepy feedings I can give him a bottle of breastmilk from a slow drip bottle to ensure that he is getting enough...but I cant seem to pump much milk? I read to pump after his feedings, but when I do I can only get a few drops out. Im afraid that the supplementing made my breasts think he only need a little bit. how do I increase milk supply????

    Thanks in advance,

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    Were you pumping at all while you were supplementing? How much formula were you give a day?

    Here's some info on how to know if your baby is getting enough. http://www.kellymom.com/newman/04enough_milk.html

    It's hard to be a new mom and it's normal to feel overwhelmed at times. Try to remember that your milk is the perfect food for your baby and in the long run, it's much easier. BFing helps you learn to trust your baby to know what his needs are as far as eating. You are in a little bit different situation since he has jaundice, but that won't last forever. You can get these things worked out with a little bit of work and perseverance. Hang in there! You can do it!
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    Congratulations on the birth of your newborn, mama! Please don't doubt your ability to nourish your child. Our bodies were designed to do it! It sounds like everything is going great. The only way to tell if your child is getting enough is through diaper output. This link may help http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/enough-milk.html clear it up for you. There are also ways to help keep the baby up when he falls asleep. I used to tickle my little guys feet or take his onesie off and my top for skin to skin contact. Please don't give up! Also, 10 days pp is very early to get a good amount via pumping. A few drops sounds normal. Keep coming here with any questions or for some moral support . http://kellymom.com/bf/index.html is a great user-friendly site as well.
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    Well heck we have a lot in common. Catherine was born April 9th and she was 37 weeks and has jaundice. The difference is I was NEVER told to supplement with formula. I am confused as to why a doctor would ask you to do that. Catherine was 5lbs 14 ounces at birth and 5lbs 1 ounce at her first appt. She went back the next day for another jaundice check and it had stayed the same but thankfully she had gained an ounce. At this point she has been on the Billi Blanket for almost a week. We will go tomorrow to see if her levels are down enough to stop using it. There is really no reason to use the formula and I agree that you will know if you are giving them enough milk if you pay attention to their diaper output. Plus whether he seems satisified. I was told to feed every two hours during the day and every three at night and thats what I do. With the constant feeding and the Billi Blanket she is always pooping and peeing so I know that things are going well. So check the diaper output and then you should know. Oh and Catherine had trouble latching on and staying awake for feedings too. I used a nipple shield to start and sometimes it would take a full hour to finish a feeding. I was fine with that!!!

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    congrats on your new baby.
    something i've read here and other places countless times may comfort you,

    baby is much more efficient at milking the breast and you can't tell if baby is getting enough based on how much you can pump, like others have said diaper output and your baby's contentment are better indicators.

    you mentioned feeling so satisfied after giving him a bottle b/c you knew he was full and content. it might help boost your confidence to remember that your milk is the perfect food for your baby and your body was designed to deliver it to him with convenience and pleasure (with a bit of practice and support )

    it will get easier with every passing day to trust your body. hang in there!

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    Default Re: New Mommy here...Need encouragement?

    Looks like the pp gave some good advice so all I will give you is . The beginning is hard and like you, I was ready to give up. But this site is amazing and everyone here is so helpful. Anytime you feel like it is just too hard, come on here and let someone know, and they are very good at changing your mind!! Good job for choosing to BF!! You are doing great!

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